Comedy Gurus - Dr Which Dr Which  
      “Halloo. How do you do?

My name is Charles - Prince Charles Kakabungade-
Tribal Chief, Witch Doctor and part time mini cab driver for Peckham Radio
controlled cars

I am very pleased to be in your country.
It is very nice but the weather is very bad
I can do a spell to make you have a lot more sunshine. Easy !

Anyway if you need me I can come to your house and make go away de bad
spirits and also do quick hops to heathrow airport in under 2 hours from
anywhere in central London.

If you want me - just bang on your drum and I will hear your call

What do you mean you don’t have a drum?
Everybody must have a drum. I will get you one.

Hold on- I will be back soon”

Comedy Gurus
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