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Former head of the Cali Cartel of Colombia, El Guru used to smuggle billions
of dollars of cocaine worldwide.

After a dramatic spiritual awakening on his yacht (involving a firecracker, two
kilos of high grade cocaine and his life size inflatable octopus Rodrigo), he
suddenly realized that he was in fact one of the greatest spiritual teachers the
world has ever seen. He was “El Guru ”

Now he has turned his skills to running one of the fastest growing spiritual
movements on the planet.

His disciples revere him for his spiritual authority, his fine white suits and his
ability to practice vipassana meditation after 30 shots of the hardest Colombian

El Guru tours the world, recruiting disciples for his sacred mission to convert
every single Starbuck’s into one of his very own Luxury Meditation Stations

He is a self-confessed expert on all matters spiritual and teaches his
revolutionary cigar and cocaine meditations to a select group of initiates.

Would you like to be one? Meet El Guru and see if you can pass the test.

Click here to see secret pictures of El Guru at his Caribbean Residence


Comedy Gurus
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