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Yoga for Builders

Trevor Feet has 23 years experience in the building trade and has been into yoga for "quite some time now". He got into it to help him “calm down after work”.

Trevor is an expert in sanding, partitioning and yogic chanting and is now head of South London's only Plasterers and Decorator's yoga society. He is the only bloke down his pub who "knows what a lotus pose is" and has taught well over 4 yoga workshops nationwide since1995.

No matter whether you are a plasterer, carpenter, sparky or even a scaffie- Yoga for Builders is the workshop that you can’t afford to miss. Invite Trevor to your site and he’ll explain:-

  • How you can drastically increase your income and get new clients by learning “yoga-speak”
  • Why you need never turn off your mobile in a yoga for builders class
  • How many fags it’s reasonable to smoke during a session
  • Why the people that invented yoga were obviously Arsenal fans
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